David Bruce Special Arrangements During Covid-19 Coronavirus READ BELOW FOR SERVICE AND SALES UPDATES!

Special Sales Accommodations.....We're HERE to HELP!

  • You Can Visit by Appointment
  • You Can Call to Request Information on a Vehicle You'd Like
  • Browse this Website and Enter Information on a Specific Vehicle or Just Complete the Form Below
  • We Can Bring a Vehicle to You for a Test Drive
  • We Can Appraise Your Trade at Home
  • We Can Provide Numbers and Payments to Review
  • We are Able to Complete Paperwork Remotely
  • If There is ANYTHING Else to Make Something Easier, Just Ask!

Play Video to Learn MORE!

  1. Search for Any Vehicle You'd Like.
  2. Click "Explore Payments!"
  3. You Can Input Down Payment, Trade Info and Payoff.
  4. Choose Best Payment from REAL Banks!
  5. Save Additional Time If You Want and Complete Application, Upload License and Insurance Card!
  6. Then, YOU Can Decide If you Want to Complete Paperwork Onsite or at Home Through Email!

Sales Dept Hours


Special Service Accommodations...We're HERE to HELP!

  • Must Call 815-935-4600 or Schedule Below
  • We Will Come Pick Up Your Vehicle
  • Perform Service
  • Wash and Disinfect
  • Return to Your Home
  • Pay by Phone or When Delivered
  • If There is ANYTHING Else to Make Something Easier, Just Ask!

Service Dept Hours


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